Table 3. Summary of sRNAs Identified by High-Throughput Sequencing
sRNA PopulationMockaPSTVd-IbPSTVd-Mc
sRNAdPSTVd-I sRNAePSTVd-M sRNAfsRNAdvd-sRNA% vd-sRNAgsRNAdvd-sRNA% vd-sRNA
21 nucleotides585,5633941700,131160,59822.9560,96029,2735.2
22 nucleotides548,0095758839,033288,18034.3560,36566,43811.8
23 nucleotides721,92022622,37313,2182.1791,3063,1210.4
24 nucleotides2,424,949872,155,00626,1501.22,627,4835,1010.2
21 to 24 nucleotides4,280,4411061084,316,543488,14611.34,540,114103,9332.3
  • a sRNA isolated from a mock-inoculated plant.

  • b sRNA isolated from a PSTVd-I-inoculated plant.

  • c sRNA isolated from a PSTVd-M-inoculated plant.

  • d Total number of individual sRNAs.

  • e sRNAs identical to the genomic (+) and antigenomic (−) strands of PSTVd-I .

  • f sRNA identical to the genomic (+) and antigenomic (−) strands of PSTVd-M.

  • g Percentage of vd-sRNAs relative to total sRNAs of the same size.