Table 1.

Progeny of a Selfed chc1-1/CHC1; chc2-2/CHC2 Plant

Genotype CHC1 CHC2No. Observeda4% Recombination (P Value = 0.455)b4% Recombination (P Value <0.062)c
WT WT000
WT Het1355
WT Mut323332
Het WT1055
Het Het120131127
Het Mut003
Mut WT656663
Mut Het005
Mut Mut000
  • WT, wild-type plants; Het, heterozygotes; Mut, plants homozygous for indicated mutant alleles. P value was calculated by the χ2 test.

  • a Genotypes of 240 progeny plants with the respective indicated genotypes were determined by PCR.

  • b Expected number was calculated as follows: (1) 4% recombination ratio between the two genes, (2) the observed frequencies of genotypically homozygous chc2 mutants in control experiments with the selfed progeny of a chc2 heterozygous plant (12.8%, n = 180), and (3) either gametophytic lethality of chc1 chc2 double mutants or zygotic lethality of Het;Mut, Mut;Het, and Mut;Mut embryos.

  • c Expected number was calculated with the same condition, except that the chc1 mutation does not affect viability of gametes and zygotes.