Table 2.

Summarya of Nodule Initiation Activity of Natural and Synthetic LCOs on Transgenic L. corniculatus Plants Containing a Mutated Soybean Lectin Gene

ControlCarboxymethylcellulose0 (3)0 (4)
Fraction 1 of USDA61cNodBe-V (C18:1, MeFuc)3 (5)3 (5)
Fraction 2 of USDA61NodBe-V (Ac, C18:1, MeFuc) NodBe-IV (C18:1, Fuc, Gro)4 (6)6 (7)
Fraction 3 of USDA61NodBe-IV (C18:1, MeFuc)2 (5)2 (4)
NodBe-IV (Cb, C18:1, MeFuc)
NodBe-IV (Cb, C18:1, Fuc, Gro)
NodBe-IV (Cb, C18:1, NMe, MeFuc)
NodBe-IV (C18:1, NMe, MeFuc) NodBe-IV (Cb, C18:1, NMe, Fuc, Gro)
LCO of NAD138NodBj-V (C18:1)0 (5)0 (7)
  • a The number of sites of cortical cell division after application of 100 ng of test material per spot inoculation. Numbers in parentheses are the total number of roots assayed.

  • b Ac, acetyl; Cb, carbamoyl; Fuc, fucose; Gro, glycerol; Me, methyl; NMe, N-methyl; CX:Y, length of fatty acid:number of desaturations.

  • c Fraction 1 of USDA61 is structurally identical to the major fraction produced by B. japonicum USDA110.