Table 4.

Mitotic Index in Wild-Type and clv3-1 7-Day-Old Vegetative Meristems

Meristem ZonesLera,bclv3-la,c
ndCell NumberMitosis NumberMitotic IndexndCell NumberMitosis NumberMitotic Index
Meristem L1 Layer
Zone A5428093.2% (1.0)5043492.1% (0.7)
Zone B54329123.6% (1.0)50553112.0% (0.6)
Zone C54377174.5% (1.1)50664274.1% (0.8)
Zone D54373184.8% (1.0)50638325.0% (0.8)
  • a The total number of cells and number of mitoses in each subdomain were counted and used for calculating the mitotic index (standard errors appear within parentheses).

  • b The meristem diameter for Ler is 53.1 μm (0.9), and the meristem height is 13.3 μm (0.4).

  • c The meristem diameter for clv3-1 is 81.6 μm (1.3), and the meristem height is 31.2 μm (0.7).

  • d n, number of meristems. For each meristem, six median longitudinal sections were analyzed.