Table 2.

Mitotic Index in Wild-Type Inflorescence Meristems

ZonesnbCell NumberMitosis NumberMitotic IndexnbCell NumberMitosis NumberMitotic Index
Meristem L1 Layer
Zone A5051681.5% (0.6)49579193.3% (0.8)
Zone D301290584.5% (0.5)301716955.5% (0.5)
Meristem L2 Layer
Zone E5054591.6% (0.7)49459112.4% (0.7)
Zone F301183443.7% (0.6)301459594.0% (0.5)
Meristem L3 Layer
Zone G301652352.1% (0.4)301037252.4% (0.4)
Primordium 3321308634.8% (0.5)321410684.8% (0.4)
Primordium 4241157574.9% (0.6)21801405.0% (0.7)
  • a The total number of cells and the number of mitoses in each subdomain were counted and used for calculating the mitotic index (standard errors appear within parentheses).

  • b Because the number of cells per subdomain was relatively low (sometimes as low as five cells in subdomains A and E), the cells from all of the meristems were pooled. n, number of meristems.