Table 3.

Percentage of Independent Transpositions as Estimated by Adapter PCR

TransformantDRaPoolsbMseIcBfaIcMseI/DRdBfaI/DRdMax (Mse, Bfa)eMax/DRf
8313 No. 112372532332926.1%26.6%38431.0%
8313 No. 1197440NDg611ND31.0%NDND
8313 No. 427451156041.7%21.7%11541.7%
8313 No. 44218ND106ND25.2%NDND
8337 No. 11363482935.3%21.3%4835.3%
8337 No. 21914695236.1%27.2%7438.7%
8337 No. 5501131026.0%20.0%1326.0%
8337 No. 9150343ND28.7%NDNDND
8353 No. 51002454%5%55%
  • a Number of DR plants analyzed.

  • b Number of pools of 50 DR plants analyzed.

  • c Total number of bands from these pools observed with either MseI or BfaI digests.

  • d Percentage of independent transposition events calculated as the ratio (number of bands with either MseI or BfaI)/(number of DR plants).

  • e As given for footnote c, exept that for each pool of 50 DR plants, the highest value of either the MseI or the BfaI digests was taken.

  • f As given for footnote d, except the number of bands used to calculate the ratio is the corresponding number from the column Max (Mse, Bfa).

  • g ND, not determined.