Table 4.

Germination on ABA of Parental and F1 Seeds

abi1-1R1 42/7556.0<0.001
F1 (abi1-1R1 × Ler)43/43100.0>0.15
abi1-1R3 18/8820.4<0.001
F1 (abi1-1R3 × Ler)19/2479.2>0.35
abi1-1R5 19/8721.8<0.001
F1 (abi1-1R5 × Ler)22/2684.6>0.15
abi1-1R6 28/11424.6<0.001
F1 (abi1-1R6 × Ler)25/3180.6>0.25
  • a Seeds were sown on medium with 0.6 μM ABA, chilled for 4 days at 4°C in darkness, and incubated for 2 days at 21°C with a 16-hr-light photoperiod. The abi1-1R1 revertant was analyzed in an experiment separate from the other three.

  • b Probabilities derived from chi-square tests of independence.