Table 3.

Mean Respiratory Rates of Wild-Type and Mutant Strains Grown under Mixotrophic Conditions

% Respiratory Rate after Addition ofa
StrainTotal Respiratory RateaKCNKCN Followed by SHAMSHAMSHAM Followed by KCNRotenone
Wild type8.1 ± 1.2241183931
dum194.3 ± 0.49512111050
dum241.8 ± 0.4100353231100
  • a Respiration (with mean respiratory rate in nanomoles of O2 per minute per 10−7 cells ±sd) was measured before and after the addition of inhibitors (1.3 mM KCN, 2.6 mM SHAM, and 100 μM rotenone). The values were obtained from at least three experiments.