Table 1.

Pairwise Ka/Ks Ratios in the Predicted Solvent-Exposed LRR Residues and Structural LRR Residues among the RPP5 Familya

RPP5 ×
La-B 0.8 ×
La-C 0.70.6 ×
La-G ×
La-I ×
Col-A ×
Col-B ×
Col-C × 1.11.2
Col-D × 1.9
Col-E b × 1.7
Col-F ×
Col-G b 0.5 ×
  • a Solvent-exposed residues are shown above the diagonal, and structural residues are shown below the diagonal.

  • b Col-E and Col-G are highly similar but significantly diverge in their LRR-encoded DNA sequences from the rest of the family; as a consequence, the Ka/Ks analysis did not produce meaningful results (denoted by dashes).