Table 2.

Expression of FDH in Col and 35S-FDH–Transformed Plants as Estimated by Using Relative RT-PCR with the 18S rRNA as an Internal Standard

PhenotypeNo. of PlantsFDH Expression Relative to the Internal Standard (%)a
35S-FDH dwarf4103.6 ± 2.6
35S-FDH wild type1186.6 ± 3.8
35S-FDH fdh phenocopy1575.6 ± 1.7
Col869.2 ± 1.7
  • a Mean ±se; see Methods for details. Assays were repeated three times, and reaction tubes were randomized each time in a thermocycler. Repeated measures factor was not found to be significant by analysis of variance; therefore, the data were combined (not shown).