Table 2.

Linkage between Insertions in NOR-Adjacent Regions and Donor Sites

Insertion Site According to Starter LineNumber of InsertionsPercentage of Total (780)
NOR4-adjacent regiona547%
    DsG1 (chromosome 2)26
    DsG6 (chromosome 3)18
    DsG8  4
    DsE  6
NOR2-adjacent region233%
    DsG1 (chromosome 2)17
    DsG6 (chromosome 3)  4
    DsG8  2
rDNA repeats  91%
  • a Numbers of insertions into NOR2- and NOR4-adjacent regions (̃400 kb each) and rRNA genes (a total of ̃7 Mb in the haploid Arabidopsis genome) are shown. Various starter lines, shown as DsG1, DsG6, DsG8, and DsE, were used to generate the transposants (see text). The two major lines used, DsG1 and DsG6, accounting for 90% of the transposants, have been mapped on chromosomes 2 and 3, respectively; their relative contributions are 48 and 42%. DsE corresponds to three different starter lines—DsE1, DsE2, and DsE3—which together contributed 2%.