Table 2.

Flowering Time of Vernalized and Nonvernalized C24 and flf-1 Plants

PlantsLength of Vernalizationa
0 Weeks4 Weeks8 Weeks
C24 (FLF/FLF)25.2 ± 0.213.6 ± 0.3b
FLF/flf-171.4 ± 1.239.3 ± 3.720.2 ± 0.9
flf-1/flf-1>150100.8 ± 10.717.6 ± 1.3
  • a Twenty seeds of the FLF/flf-1 and flf-1/flf-1 mutant and wild-type C24 were grown aseptically on Murashige and Skoog media in test tubes and exposed to 4°C for either 4 or 8 weeks. Nonvernalized plants were grown in soil (20 plants per 20-cm pot). All plants were then grown at 23°C under fluorescent lights (16 hr of light and 8 hr of dark). The data are presented as the average number of days (±se) until stem elongation and exclude the period of vernalization.

  • b Dash indicates not determined.