Table 3.

Trichome Initiation Sites (TIS) in try, 35S::GL1, ttg-1, and the Respective Single and Double Mutant Combinations

GenotypeTIS per LeafaNo. of TISb
Columbia42 ± 9841
Landsberg erecta17 ± 3347
try/try16 ± 4319
35S::GL1/35S::GL19 ± 4189
try/try 35S::GL1/35S::GL118 ± 10c357
try/try ttg-1/ttg-100
ttg-1/+ 35S::GL1/+35 ± 7704
ttg-1/ttg-1 35S::GL1 NDd5 ± 4e95
try/try 35S::GL1/35S::GL1 ttg-1/ttg-122 ± 4f421
  • a Mean number of TIS ± sd.

  • b Trichomes were counted only on leaves 3 and 4. Leaf length was between 4 and 5 mm. Total number of leaves was 20.

  • c Sixty-four percent flat and reduced trichomes. Due to erupting sub-epidermal trichomes, the number of trichomes in the epidermis might be overestimeated.

  • d ND, not determined.

  • e Ninety-four percent flat and reduced trichomes.

  • f Fifty-three percent flat and reduced trichomes.