Table 2.

Redox State of the Foliar Glutathione Pool in cpGSHI-8 × GR46-27 and cpGSHI-24 and GR46-27 Progeny

GenotypeaGSH/(GSH + GSSG)b
cpGSHI-8 × GR46-270.51
cpGSHI-24 × GR46-270.39
Wild type>0.95
  • a cpGSHI/GR46-27 hybrid progeny were confirmed using the anti-γ-ECS antiserum and detection of cotransferred luciferase activity (Creissen et al., 1995), respectively. Control material was homozygous progeny of GR46-27 (Creissen et al., 1995), cpGSHI lines, and wild-type tobacco cultivar Samsun.

  • b GSH and GSSG were detected in the same sample by amperomet-ric detection after separation by HPLC (see Methods). The redox state of the glutathione pool in each of the genotypes was determined from three individual plants and three leaf samples from each plant (n = 9).