Table 3.

Catalase Activities in Cell-Free Leaf Extractsa

Parental LineGenotypeCatalase Activityb
cpGSHI-8cpGSHI666.8 ± 12.8
cpGSHI-8Wild type205.6 ± 6.2
cpGSHI-24cpGSHI-8542.5 ± 10.8
cpGSHI-24Wild type190 ± 13.3
  • a Extracts were made from leaves of 4-week-old, controlled-environ-ment-grown cpGSHI-8, cpGSHI-24, and transgene-recessive siblings.

  • b Catalase activity was determined according to the method of Aebi (1984) and is expressed as micromoles of H2O2 reduced per gram fresh weight per miniute.