Table 2.

Strains of U. maydis Used in This Study

StrainRelevant GenotypeReference
FB1Δuac1a1 b1 ΔuaclKrüger et al. (1998)
CL13a1 bW2 bE1Bölker et al. (1995a)
FB1a1 b1Banuett and Herskowitz (1989)
FB1Δubc1a1 b1 Δubc1-natS. Grüneis and R. Kahmann, unpublished data
FB2a2 b2Banuett and Herskowitz (1989)
FB6b/pra2a1 b2 pra2Bölker et al. (1992)
FBD12-17a2 a2 b1 b2Banuett and Herskowitz (1989)
HA87a2 b2 Δprf1-1Hartmann (1997)
HA99a1 b1 Δprf1-1Hartmann (1997)
HA185a2 b2 B-UAS3This study
HA232a2 b2 B-UAS3/cbxThis study
HA263a2 b2 B-UAS3/cbx Δncp1This study
HA266a2 b2 prf1conThis study
HA269a1 bW2 bE1 Δncp1This study
HA271a1 b1 prf1conThis study
HA284a2 b1 prf1conThis study
HA282a1 b1 Δncp1This study
HA296a1 b1 ncp1otefThis study