Table 2.

Effects of Elicitation on Phenolic Compounds in Tobacco Cell Suspension Cultures

Unlabeled PrecursorTreatmentat-CAb4-CAbCafAbFerAbpHBAbScopbSAbVAbVan-Db
10–4 M t-CACon8619544101737297476118
10–4 M t-CAEli69792348716413035795
  • a Soluble phenolic compounds were isolated from unelicited (Con) and elicited (Eli) tobacco cell suspension cultures after feeding with 3H-l-Phe (10–4 M) in the presence or absence of unlabeled trans-cinnamic acid (t-CA).

  • b Amounts of phenolic compounds, quantified after enzymatic hydrolysis, are given as nanomoles per gram fresh weight. The compounds are trans-cinnamic acid, 4-coumaric acid (4-CA), caffeic acid (CafA), ferulic acid (FerA), pHBA, scopoletin (Scop), salicylic acid (SA), vanillic acid (VA), and vanillin derivative (Van-D). The experiments were conducted as described in the legend to Figure 4, with the compounds being isolated 12 hr after elicitation. A duplicate experiment gave essentially the same results.