Table 1

Genetic Analysis of acd6 Plants

Cross (Recipient × Pollen Donor)TypeHealthyMild Cell DeathaCell Deathbχ2HypothesiscFit?
ACD6 × acd6/ACD6(M2)F1393700.053e1:1:0Yes
ACD6 × acd6/ACD6(M2)F2f2863300.149e1:2:1Yes
ACD6 × acd6/ACD6(M2)F2g79001:0:0
acd6/ACD6 × ACD6F1161800.118e1:1:0Yes
acd6 × ACD6F102900:1:0
ACD6 × acd6F101700:1:0
ACD6 × acd6/ACD6F1374000.117e1:1:0Yes
CS3432h × ACD6F146001:0:0
ACD6 × CS3432F159001:0:0
CS3432 × acd6F105300:1:0
acd6 × CS3432F106700:1:0
  • a Plants in this phenotypic class had slightly yellowed leaves and microscopic cell death and were of medium stature.

  • b b Plants in this phenotypic class had many visible punctate cell death patches and were of reduced stature.

  • c The hypothesis is that acd6 segregates as a semidominant trait with respect to cell death.

  • d M2 designates the original mutant plant.

  • e Not significantly different from the expected value (P > 0.7 to 0.9 in each of these cases).

  • f This is the progeny of a mild cell death and medium stature F1 plant.

  • g This is the progeny of a healthy, normal stature F1 plant.

  • h CS3432 is a gi-2 co-1 tetraploid Arabidopsis in the Col-0 background (acd6 is from the same background).