Table 2

Accumulation of Camalexin in Various Backgrounds Harboring the acd6-1 Mutation

Genotype/Phenotypeaμg Camalexin cm–2 (sd)
acd60.086 (0.040)
acd6/ACD60.089 (0.040)
acd6/nahG F1<0.001
npr1 acd6 F3b0.207
npr1 acd6 F3b0.207
npr1 acd6 F3b0.107
npr1 acd6 F3b0.089
ACD6/ACD6/ACD60.003 (0.001)
acd6/ACD6/ACD60.157 (0.049)
  • a Four to six replicates were assayed for each genotype.

  • b An npr1 acd6/ACD6 F2 individual was self-fertilized. Individual F3 progeny that showed slightly yellowed leaves were assayed. These plants may have been homozygous or heterozygous for acd6 (see text). This experiment was repeated twice with similar results.