Table 1.

Rice Sequencing Participants and Chromosome Assignments

Rice Genome Research Program (RGP; Japan)1, 6, 7, 8
Korea Rice Genome Research Program (Korea)1
CCW (United States)3, 10
    CUGI (Clemson University)
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
TIGR (United States)3, 10
PGIR (United States)10
University of Wisconsin (United States)11
National Center for Gene Research4
Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Indian Rice Genome Program (University of Delhi)11
Academia Sinica Plant Genome Center (Taiwan)5
Genoscope (France)12
Universidad Federal de Pelotas (Brazil)12
Kasetsart University (Thailand)9
McGill University (Canada)9
John Innes Centre (United Kingdom)2
  • a URLs are listed only for sites that currently provide information relevant to rice genome sequencing.