Table 2.

Summary of the Resistance Phenotypes of Double and Triple Mutantsa

GenotypeP. s. maculicola ES4326bP. parasitica Noco2c
cpr1 npr1dR
cpr5 npr1ReR
cpr6 npr1ReR
cpr1 eds5SS
cpr5 eds5SS
cpr6 eds5SS
npr1 eds5SS
eds5 nahGSS
cpr1 nahGSS
cpr5 nahGSS
cpr6 nahGSS
cpr5 ein2RR
cpr5 jar1RR
cpr5 npr1 ein2SS
cpr5 npr1 jar1SS
cpr6 ein2RS
cpr6 jar1RS
cpr6 npr1 ein2SS
cpr6 npr1 jar1SS
npr1 ein2SS
npr1 jar1SS
ein2 jar1SS
npr1 ein2 jar1SS
  • a R, resistance; S, susceptible.

  • b OD600 = 0.0001.

  • c 104 spores mL–1.

  • d Plants were too small to test.

  • e Susceptible at an OD600 = 0.001. (Bowling et al., 1997; Clarke et al., 1998).