Table 1.

Effect of a Paternal ddm1-2 Mutant Allele on Transmission of a Maternal fie-1 or mea-3 Mutant Allele

Maternal ParentPaternal ParentProgeny with Maternal Mutant AlleleProgeny with Maternal Wild-Type AllelePercenta
mea/MEAMEA/MEA (wild type)  9 mea/MEA150 MEA/MEA  6
mea/MEAMEA/MEA, ddm1/ddm144 mea/MEA, ddm1/DDM1  89 MEA/MEA, ddm1/DDM133
fie/FIEFIE/FIE (wild type)  0 fie/FIE  52 FIE/FIE  0
fie/FIEFIE/FIE, ddm1/ddm1  0 fie/FIE, ddm1/DDM1  46 FIE/FIE, ddm1/DDM1  0
  • a Percentage of transmission is 100 × (number of fie or mea heterozygotes/total progeny of cross).