Table 1.

Average Percentage of Shoot Development in the Dark of abi3 Compared with the Wild Type

Percentage of Shoot Developmenta
7 Days14 Days21 Days28 Days
abi3-1 Ler3230.03512.611916.058621.2
abi3-4 Ler3131.644210.015736.667553.6
abi3-5 Ler2340.83276.112015.049835.9
abi3-6 Col2893.125610.913011.535243.8
  • a The percentage of shoot development was calculated by dividing the number of individual plants with shoot development by the number of germinated plants (n). The appearance of at least the first leaf was scored as positive shoot development.

  • b Ler, ecotype Landsberg erecta.

  • c Col, ecotype Columbia.