Table 2.

Summary of the Plastid Ultrastructure Observed under Different Conditions in the Wild Type, abi3, det1, det1 abi3, and Plants Transformed with EN35S–ABI3

Plant7 Days Dark21 Days Dark7 Days Light/21 Days Dark
    Wild typeEtioplast
    abi3Partially differentiated chloroplast
    det1Plastid with plastoglobuli
    det1 abi3Partially differentiated chloroplast
    Wild typeN.O.aUndifferentiated plastidArrested plastid
    det1PseudochloroplastPseudochloroplastDegenerating pseudochloroplast
    det1 abi3PseudochloroplastPseudochloroplastDegenerating pseudochloroplast
    EN35S–ABI3N.O.Undifferentiated plastidChloroplast
  • a N.O., not observed, because the wild type and EN35S–ABI3 have no leaves at this stage.