Table 2.

Induction of Primordium Formation on Tomato NPA Pins by Various Hormones

Experiment 1Experiment 2
TreatmentaNo. of TreatmentsNo. of Effectsb (%)No. of TreatmentsNo. of Effectsb (%)
Lanolin only90170
10 mM IAA179 (53)1811 (61)
10 mM gibberellin190180
10 mM brassinolide170170
10 mM
10 mM fusicoccinn.d.n.d.190
  • a All treatments were performed by applying lanolin paste containing the indicated hormones to the flanks of tomato NPA pins. Apices were examined 7 days after treatment.

  • b Local induction of a leaf primordium.

  • c These treatments were not performed in experiment 1. n.d., not determined.