Table 3.

Inhibition of Leaf Primordium Formation and Induction of Ectopic Leaf Primordia by Local Application to Tomato Apices of Lanolin Paste Containing Various Auxin Transport Inhibitors or Auxin

TreatmentaNo. of TreatmentsSite of ApplicationNo. of Effects (%)
Lanolin only22I10
Lanolin only15I20
10 mM NPA22I117b (77)
10 mM HFCA12I18b (66)
10 mM TIBA12I15b (42)
10 mM apigenin12I10
10 mM quercetin12I10
10 mM IAA14I110c (71)
10 mM IAA64I222d (34)
10 mM IAA14Entire7e (50)
  • a All treatments were performed by applying lanolin paste containing the indicated substances to freshly dissected tomato apices at the flank of the meristems either at the position of incipient leaf formation (I1) or at the site where the following primordium was expected (I2). Alternatively, the entire flank was treated. Apices were examined 7 days after treatment.

  • b Leaf formation inhibited.

  • c Primordia thicker than normal.

  • d Ectopic primordia fused to P1.

  • e Large ectopic primordia fused to P1.