Table 4.

Induction of Floral Primordia by Local Treatment of Arabidopsis pin1-1 Inflorescence Apices with Lanolin Paste Containing IAA

No. of Effects (%)
TreatmentSite of ApplicationNo. of TreatmentsNo EffectLocal PrimordiumaIncomplete RingbComplete Ringc
Lanolin onlyAt the flank1818 (100)000
1 mM IAAAt the flank201 (5)19 (95)00
0.1 mM IAAAt the flank162 (13)14 (87)00
0.01 mM IAAAt the flank1414 (100)000
1 mM IAA100 μm below the flank2216 (73)6 (27)d00
1 mM IAA200 μm below the flank1414 (100)000
Lanolin onlyOn the summit1818 (100)000
1 mM IAAOn the summit181 (6)07 (39)10 (55)
0.1 mM IAAOn the summit186 (33)011 (61)1 (6)
0.01 mM IAAOn the summit1515 (100)000
  • a Formation of a local primordium at the radial position of treatment.

  • b Formation of an incomplete ring-shaped primordium or several individual bulges.

  • c Formation of a complete ring-shaped primordium.

  • d Primordia were always formed at the flank above the site of treatment at the same radial position as IAA application.