Table 1.

Inhibition of 1 mM d-14C-Glc Uptake into Spinach Chloroplasts by 10 mM d-Glc Analogs, Pentoses, and Other Sugars

d-14C-Glc Uptakeakb (sec)% of Control
    +d-Glc0.27  66
C-1 analogs
    +Methyl-α-d-glucopyranoside0.40  98
C-2 analogs
    +2-deoxy-d-Glc0.26  63
    +d-Man0.27  65
    +2-deoxy-2-d-Glc0.34  81
C-3 analogs
C-4 analog
    +d-Gal0.36  87
Other hexoses and sugars
    +d-Fru0.40  98
  • a (+) indicates the addition of 10 mM Glc analogs, pentoses, and other sugars.

  • b k stands for the first-order rate constant.

  • c <l-Glc.