Table 2.

Genetic Analysis of Nod Mutants

B85160  76240.02
B129  60134430.05
C54  50  74210.01
P1  60  86280.01
Y6  20  73270.21
  • a Mutants were crossed to Jemalong (MtENOD11–GUS) Nod+ plants, which were used in place of wild-type plants to provide a marker for crosses (see Methods).

  • b Nodulation was scored in plants of the F1 and F2 generations, 3 weeks after inoculation with S. meliloti GMI6526; numbers indicate the number of plants found to be Nod+ or Nod. In most cases, F1 results presented are from two or more independent crosses.

  • c F2 results are given for a single F2 population but were confirmed in each case by analyzing at least one additional, independent F2 population derived from a different F1 plant.

  • d χ2 calculated for a 3:1 ratio of Nod+/Nod phenotype; P > 0.05 when χ2 < 3.84.