Table 1.

N-Terminal Peptide Sequence of AGPs Isolated from Arabidopsis

FractionaTimebN-Terminal SequencecGened
2a14.5A-O-A-O-T-O-T-A-T-OSame as 1a
2b-116.1A-O-A-O-S-O-T-T-T-V-T-PSame as 1b-1
2c17.4Used for mass spectrometry
3a16.4A-O-T-S-O-O-T-A-A-O-A-OeSame as 2b-2
3b21.3A-O-A-O-A-O-T-T-VSame as 2d
  • a Fractions of deglycosylated and deblocked AGP backbones, as shown in Figure 1B.

  • b Retention time in minutes.

  • c N-terminal protein sequence, as determined by Edman degradation. Amino acids are represented by the single-letter code, and O represents hydroxyproline.

  • d Name given to the gene that matches each isolated protein backbone.

  • e The amino acid residue threonine is present instead of the underlined alanine in the protein predicted by the genomic and cDNA sequences of AtAGP9.