Abundant Endosperm-Specific Protein cDNA (Inbred Line B73)

Name (Abbreviation)GenBank Accession NumberMap Loci (Pioneer Composite Map)Percent EST in Developing B73 Endosperm cDNA LibrariesMature Peptide (Amino Acid Residues)Molecular Weight (Calculated)Molecular Mass
 (SDS-PAGE)Antigenic Rabbit Polypeptide (Relative to CDS)
27-kD γ-zein (gz27)AF371261c7L, position  147, Bin 7.05a5.420421,82227 kD73–127,* be
16-kD γ-zein (gz16)AF371262c2L, position  128.1, Bin 2.07b2.916317,66316 kD38-58, sp
50-kD γ-zein (gz50)AF371263c7L, position  70.5, Bin 7.05b1.527832,88250 kD21-120, be
15-kD β-zein (bz15)AF371264c6S, position  28.9, Bin 6.01c4.716017,45815 kD53-77, sp
18-kD δ-zein (dz18)AF371265c6L, position 84,  Bin 6.04d1.019021,22018 kD158-182, sp
10-kD δ-zein (dz10)AF371266c9L, position  67.6, Bin 9.03e0.512914,43110 kD98-121, sp
19-kD α-zein D1 (az19D1)fAF371267c1L, position  123.3, Bin 1.06b1.222224,81819 kD21-110, be
19-kD α-zein D2 (az19D2)AF371268c1L, position  122.4, Bin 1.06b1.022024,70619 kDNA
19-kD α-zein B1 (az19B1)AF3712694L, 7Sg15.921323,35919 kD21-110,** be
19-kD α-zein B2 (az19B2)AF3712704L, 7Sg0.124627,12822 kDNA
19-kD α-zein B3 (az19B3)AF371271c4L, c7S, c10Lh5.721924,08719 kDNA
19-kD α-zein B5 (az19B5)AF3712724L, 7Sg0.05Truncated cDNANANANA
19-kD α-zein B4 (az19B4)AF3712734L, 7Sg0.06In-frame stop codonNANANA
22-kD α-zein Z1 (az22z1)AF371274c4S, position  27.3, Bin 4.02i4.924226,35922 kD21-151, be
22-kD α-zein Z3 (az22z3)AF371275c4S, position  27.3, Bin 4.02i0.524526,75122 kDNA
22-kD α-zein Z4 (az22z4)AF371276c4S, position  27.3, Bin 4.02i0.524626,92322 kDNA
22-kD α-zein Z5 (az22z5)AF371277c4S, position  27.3, Bin 4.02i0.124526,70122 kDNA
18-kD α-globulin (ag)AF371278c6L, position  99.5, Bin 6.05b1.218420,29918 kD46-206, be
50-kD legumin 1 (leg1)AF371279c6S, position  31.9, Bin 6.01b0.544749,31750 kD37-483, be
Hageman factor inhibitor (hfi)AF371280NA1.012713,578NANA
  • *Rabbit and chicken. **Rabbit and rat. NA, not applicable; be, bacterially expressed; sp, synthetic peptide.

  • a Burr et al., 1988; Lopes et al., 1995.

  • b This paper.

  • c Weerakoon et al., 1993.

  • d Swarup et al., 1995.

  • e Benner et al., 1989.

  • f Zein subfamily z1D/SF3 (Heidecker and Messing, 1986; Rubenstein and Geraghty, 1986).

  • g Zein subfamily z1B/SF2 (Heidecker and Messing, 1986; Rubenstein and Geraghty, 1986).

  • h Zein subfamily z1A/SF1 (Heidecker and Messing, 1986; Rubenstein and Geraghty, 1986).

  • i Zein subfamily z1C/SF4 (Llaca and Messing, 1998; Rubenstein and Geraghty, 1986).