Table 1.

Flowering Times of the Antisense EMF2 Transgenic Plants

Line, PhotoperiodaRatio of Hygromycin-Resistant PlantsNumber of Rosette Leavesbn
WTL-1, LD0.756.6 ± 0.621
WTL-1, SD0.7511.6 ± 1.638
WTL-2, LD1.006.4 ± 1.025
WTL-2, SD1.0011.5 ± 1.323
TFL-1, LDN. d.c6.8 ± 1.214
TFL-1, SDN. d.c6.0 ± 0.842
Co-0, LD06.5 ± 1.023
Co-0, SD026.7 ± 3.57
  • a WTL and TFL represent wild-type–like and terminal flower1–like transgenic lines, respectively. Co-0 represents wild-type ecotype Columbia plants.

  • b Average leaf numbers ±sd at the time of bolting. Leaf numbers of hygromycin-resistant plants and tfl1-like plants were counted for the WTL and TFL lines, respectively.

  • c N. d., not determined.