Table 3.

Summary of the Number of ESTs Induced or Repressed Twofold or More by Light Qualities, Light/Dark Transitions, and Individual Photoreceptors

Number of ESTs Induced by Light or PhotoreceptorNumber of ESTs Repressed by Light or Photoreceptor
ExperimentsaFold >3030 to 2020 to 1010 to 55 to 33 to 2Total>3030 to 2020 to 1010 to 55 to 33 to 2Total
WT/W versus WT/D324271428467515170813261533737121268
WT/FR versus WT/D0026121256450853000844287339
WT/R versus WT/D31185277320506120201351249646950
WT/B versus WT/D0171305247472109600140141434616
WT/W versus WT/36D0021483084439011052096399521
WT/36W versus WT/D05682993595781309255803066531051
WTL/W versus WTL/36D11174241417735241083209472780
WT/FR versus phyA/FR000122025227360013592359487
WT/R versus phyB/R0000597102000086472
WT/B versus cry1 cry2/B023185252434876002784290383
PhyAOE/FR versus WT/FR96192450276384001668189264
PhyBOE/R versus WT/R000156672000077784
CRY1OE/B versus WT/B10364928134000930127357523
  • a WT, wild type; W, white light; D, darkness; FR, far-red light; R, red light; B, blue light; 36, 36-hr transition; L, 5-week-old leaves; phyA, phyA mutant; phyB, phyB mutant; cry1 cry2, cry1 and cry2 double mutants; PHYAOE, PHYA overexpression; PHYBOE, PHYB overexpression; CRY1OE, CRY1 overexpression.