Table 3.

Paramutagenic Activity of P1-rr′ in Crosses with the Naive P1-rr Allele

Genotype of
Paramutagenic Source
Suppressed Ears/Total EarsAverage Frequency of
Suppressed Ears (%)
Cross 1Cross 2Cross 3Cross 4Cross 5Cross 6Cross 7Suppressed EarsTotal Ears
P1-rr′  7/1214/1521  2776
P1-rr′  9/15  2/140/132/90/1113  6219
P1-rr′P1.2b::GUS10/14  2/126/15a8/17b6/208/154/134410641
  • a This cross involved transgenic event 29-3. The rest of the crosses involved P1-rr′ plants suppressed by event 29-4.

  • b In this cross, naive P1-rr was used as a female parent and transgenic plant P1-rr′/P1-ww; P1.2b::GUS/– was used as a male parent. All other crosses used naive P1-rr as a male parent.