Table 1. Known Nitrate-Inducible and Regulatory Genes with Different Levels of Nitrate-Responsive Expression in the Wild Type and nrg2-2 Mutant
GeneFold Change in the Wild TypeP ValueFold Change in MutantP Value
NiR26.353.03E-3010.919.69 E-17
NRT2.111.255.10 E-43.382.52 E-3
HHO1400.493.12 E-146.184.66 E-11
UPM114.192.48E-557.256.08 E-18
LBD3711.016.19E-356.925.02 E-24
LBD383.281.51 E-112.231.63 E-5
NRT1.13.634.99 E-152.697.11 E-12
TGA14.179.70 E-173.206.40 E-25
TGA43.556.11 E-182.658.65 E-10