Table 4.

Phenotypic Categories of 35S::SE Linesa

Number of Independent Lines per Class (%)
BackgroundClass IClass IIaClass IIbClass IIc
serrate3 (11%)1 (4%)10 (36%)14 (50%)
Wild type (Col-1)4 (36%)3 (27%)3 (27%)1 (9%)
  • a The 35S::SE construct was transformed into se and wild-type plants, and the T2 transgenic lines were grown for ∼2 weeks before scoring the phenotypes. The phenotypes were classified based on the most severe segregants as described in the text: class I, wild type; IIa, mild; IIb, intermediate; and IIc, severe. The probability that the observed distribution of phenotypes was independent of genetic background was <0.02 using a 2 × 4 William's corrected G test of independence.