Table 1.

Arabidopsis Growth Stages for the Plate-Based Phenotypic Analysis Platform

Col-0 Data
Principal growth stage 0Seed germination
0.10Seed imbibition3.0NAcNA
0.50Radicle emergence4.30.410.3
0.7Hypocotyl and cotyledon emergence5.50.611.2
Principal growth stage 1Leaf development
1.0Cotyledons fully opened6.00.58.5
1.022 rosette leaves >1 mm10.30.65.8
1.044 rosette leaves >1 mm14.40.53.4
Stage R6More than 50% of the seedlings have primary roots ≥6 cm in lengthNDdNDND
  • a Average day from date of sowing, including a 3-day stratification at 4°C to synchronize germination.

  • b CV, coefficient of variation, calculated as (sd/days) × 100.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d ND, not determined (see text for details).