Table 2.

Arabidopsis Growth Stages for the Soil-Based Phenotypic Analysis Platform

Col-0 Data
Principal growth stage 1Leaf development
1.022 rosette leaves >1 mm in length12.51.310.7
1.033 rosette leaves >1 mm in length15.91.59.5
1.044 rosette leaves >1 mm in length16.51.69.8
1.055 rosette leaves >1 mm in length17.71.810.2
1.066 rosette leaves >1 mm in length18.41.89.8
1.077 rosette leaves >1 mm in length19.42.211.1
1.088 rosette leaves >1 mm in length20.02.211.2
1.099 rosette leaves >1 mm in length21.12.310.8
1.1010 rosette leaves >1 mm in length21.62.310.9
1.1111 rosette leaves >1 mm in length22.22.511.2
1.1212 rosette leaves >1 mm in length23.32.611.3
1.1313 rosette leaves >1 mm in length24.83.212.8
1.1414 rosette leaves >1 mm in length25.52.610.2
Principal growth stage 3Rosette growth
3.20Rosette is 20% of final size18.93.016.0
3.50Rosette is 50% of final size24.04.117.0
3.70Rosette is 70% of final size27.44.115.0
3.90Rosette growth complete29.33.512.0
Principal growth stage 5Inflorescence emergence
5.10First flower buds visible26.03.513.3
Principal growth stage 6Flower production
6.00First flower open31.83.613.3
6.1010% of flowers to be produced have opened35.94.913.6
6.3030% of flowers to be produced have opened40.14.912.3
6.5050% of flowers to be produced have opened43.54.911.2
6.90Flowering complete49.45.811.7
Principal growth stage 8Silique ripening
8.00First silique shattered48.04.59.3
Principal growth stage 9Senescence
9.70Senescence complete; ready for seed harvestNDcNDND
  • a Average day from date of sowing, including a 3-day stratification at 4°C to synchronize germination.

  • b CV, coefficient of variation, calculated as (sd/days) × 100.

  • c ND, not determined (see text for details).