Col-0 Data
MeasurementUnitGrowth StageAveragesdCVa
Number of rosette leavesCount1.0b3.30.513.7
Length of primary rootmm1.0b45.24.19.0
Number of secondary rootsCountR6c10.51.413.2
Rosette, total exposed leaf areamm2R6c22.22.611.9
Rosette, perimetermmR6c42.15.212.2
Rosette, sd of radiusNoneR6c39.23.17.9
Rosette, major axismmR6c7.90.79.1
Rosette, minor axismmR6c5.90.69.5
Rosette, eccentricityNoneR6c0.630.057.2
  • a CV, coefficient of variation, calculated as (sd/days) × 100.

  • b Data collection initiated at stage 1.0 and continued until the end of the experiment.

  • c R6 or 14 days after sowing, whichever comes first.