Col-0 Data
MeasurementUnitGrowth StageAverage sdCVb
Number of cotyledonsCount1.
Rosette, total exposed leaf areamm21.10580.0202.234.9
Rosette, perimetermm1.10418.0119.128.5
Rosette, sd of radiusNone1.1045.73.27.0
Rosette, major axismm1.1040.48.019.8
Rosette, minor axismm1.1034.67.521.7
Rosette, eccentricityNone1.
Rosette, total exposed leaf areamm26.003225.01088.333.7
Rosette, perimetermm6.00808.1181.322.4
Rosette, sd of radiusNone6.0036.73.59.5
Rosette, major axismm6.0082.315.318.6
Rosette, minor axismm6.0073.113.418.3
Rosette, eccentricityNone6.
Rosette, dry weightmg6.00117.445.939.1
Number of stem branches on main boltCount6.503.40.617.6
Number of side bolts >1 cmCount6.504.21.228.6
Length of peduncle of second flower on main boltmm6.5011.51.613.9
Distance across face of open flowermm6.503.90.37.7
Sepal lengthmm6.502.20.29.1
Pollen grain, areaμm26.50589.0132.022.4
Pollen grain, perimeterμm6.50114.513.011.2
Pollen grain, sd of radiusNone6.509.12.527.5
Pollen grain, major axisμm6.5030.63.310.8
Pollen grain, minor axisμm6.5024.33.012.3
Pollen grain, eccentricityNone6.500.60.116.7
Silique, areamm26.5010.61.917.9
Silique, perimetermm6.5040.96.114.9
Silique, sd of radiusNone6.5055.80.50.9
Silique, major axismm6.5017.21.79.9
Silique, minor axismm6.501.20.216.7
Silique, eccentricityNone6.501.00.00.0
Total number of seeds per silique valveCount6.5029.92.89.4
Number of abnormal seeds per silique valveCount6.500.20.4200
Dry weight of stemmg6.50188.839.320.8
Dry weight of rosettemg6.50163.752.031.8
Total number of siliquesCount6.90160.460.737.8
Seed, areamm29.700.140.017.1
Seed, perimetermm9.701.950.042.1
Seed, sd of radiusNone9.7016.920.945.6
Seed, major axismm9.700.530.035.7
Seed, minor axismm9.700.330.026.1
Seed , eccentricityNone9.700.780.022.6
Seed yield per plant (desiccated)mg9.70127.952.741.2
  • a Used to define the working definition of stage 6.50 as described in the text.

  • b CV, coefficient of variation, calculated as (sd/days) × 100.