Table 1.

AFLP Banding Pattern in the Parental Plants of One Interspecific Cross (Ae. sharonensis [SlSl] × Ae. umbellulata [UU]) and One Intergeneric Cross (Ae. longissima [SlSl] × T. urartu [AA]) in Their F1 Hybrids and in the First Generation of the Allotetraploids [SlSlUU and SlSlAA]

Bands in ParentsBands That Disappeared
PolymorphicIn F1 and AllotetraploidIn Allotetraploid Only
SlSl × UU (cross A)17120218292004125
SlSl × AA (cross B)801661832121101841
  • a In cross A, the maternal genome (SlSl) was from Ae. sharonensis, whereas in cross B, it was from Ae. longissima (SlSl).

  • b The total number of bands for both parents. Monomorphic bands were scored only once.