Table 3.

Arabidopsis Proteins Copurified with the Thylakoid Membranes and Identified from the 2-D Electrophoresis Gels Shown in Figure 1

Spot No.Apparent Molecular
 Mass (kD)pIIdentityaAccession No.bMALDI-TOF
 at 50 ppmcMS/MS
 SequencedLocalization and Cleavage Site Predictione
7518.75.5ClpS15123926 (At4g25370)AIAWAIDEK (1)C1/63P 1−73 PIA-QP
9233.36.2Enoyl-acyl carrier
   protein reductase4006834 (At2g05990)35C2/74M 0.8None
   dismutase1351082 (At4g25100)13TFMTNLVSWEAVSAR (2)No chloroplastNeitherNone
7218.36.1ROC4 isomerase461899 (At5g13120)21C2/67P 0.8−55-HYA-SP
8128.54.7Fibrillin homolog7484966 (At4g22240)42C2/59P 1None
8228.94.7Probable fibrillin7488105 (At4g04020)42C2/55P 1None
8328.24.9Fibrillin CDSP34
   homolog 1 +6729544 (At3g58010)FFMISYLDDEILIVR (6)C1/53P 1None
Fibrillin CDSP34
   homolog 22673904 (At2g42130)LKEEYVEGMLETPTVIEEAVPEQLK (4)C1/48P 1±24 ASP-SR
8426.15.4Similar to fibrillin11994325 (At3g23400)LIPVTLGQVFQR (3)C1/72P 0.8−18 ALL-SD
 +104 LVA-SV
9640.94.1Putative fibrillin3608139 (At2g35490)30C1/53M 0.9−45 YRP-KP
 +50 RFS-KI
8829.95.1CP29 A′ RNA-BP+681904 (At3g53460)21C1/65Neither−12 AFN-PK
Putative RNA-BP3608147 (At2g35410)13C1/74P 1−45 SNL-SP
 +75 TSA-DE
11932.14.1CP31 RNA-BP681908 (At4g24770)40C1/93P 1−85 DWA-EE
 +16 AMA-DS
8524.34.8CP29 B′ RNA-BP4056477 (At2g37220)35C1/47P 1−37 LSF-KL
 +107 AQL-AQ
11320.66.2Similar to RNA-BP4678944 (At3g52150)21C1/56P 0.6−42 SLA-GT
8626.56.6Ribosomal S5 P4836870 (At1g78630)20C1/49P 1−17 LHT-RT
 +50 VKA-SS
10717.15.3Ribosomal S7 P752507934Chloroplast encoded
8726.86.8Ribosomal L4 P3914666 (At1g07320)41C2/32P 1−20 LFL-SS
 +25 SHQ-IP
6716.34.8Ribosomal L12 P548655 (At3g27850)ILVDYLQDK (4)C1/54P 0.8−21 TCA-ST
 +58 VEA-PE
7819.54.9Ribosomal L13 P1707008 (At2g33800)23C1/56P 1−19 VKS-SG
 +47 IYA-NS
6515.94.7Ribosomal L27 P9759141 (At5g40950)29C4/19P 1−27 SFL-NR
6415.24.9Putative ribosomal
   recycling factor7523401 (At3g63190)31C2/18P 0.9+48 LIA-CS
20918.99.3Psa-D4587564 (At1g03130)40C1/43P 1+43 AIR-AE
20214.29.3Psa-E7443149 (At4g28750)47C2/44P 1±22 AGA-SS
3833.95.6FNR5730139 (At5g66190)35C2/64P 0.7±48 VKA-QV
10215.26.4RbcS (20.2)4204274 (At1g67090)21C3/54P 1±18 AQA-TM
12950.66.6RbcL (47.3)194443213Chloroplast encoded
48 to 5253.45.4 to 5.6CF1α (55.1)588167941Chloroplast encoded
43 to 4751.35.7 to 6.0CF1β (53.1)588170157Chloroplast encoded
3434.56.1CF1γ (53.1)461550 (At4g04640)22C1/42P 0.9−18 SLS-AD
 +43 SRA-SS
817.85.8CF1δ (53.1)5916447 (At4g09650)55C4/48P 0.8−58 AMA-LA
102 to 5315.26.3 to 6.4CF1ϵ (53.1)752503953Chloroplast encoded
  • a Identity given in NCBI completed by domain prediction found by Pfam, Blocks, Prints, Prodom, or Phi-Blast.

  • b Accession numbers in NCBI and in MIPS (in parentheses).

  • c Percentage of coverage at 50 ppm for the MALDI-TOF peptides.

  • d Sequence tag obtained identified by ESI/MS/MS; other sequences were obtained (number of sequences identified in parentheses) but are not shown.

  • e Localization, reliability class, and cleavage site prediction by TargetP (C for chloroplast), localization and score by Predotar (P for plastid, M for mitochondria), cleavage site prediction of the lumenal transit peptide by two versions of SignalP developed for Gram-negative (−) or Gram-positive (+) bacteria.

  • These proteins are located at the stromal side of the thylakoids and were released by Yeda press. Proteins were identified by MALDI-TOF MS and/or nano-ESI/MS/MS.