Table 4.

Small Set of Arabidopsis Proteins from the 2-D Electrophoresis Gel Shown in Figure 1 That Are Highly Abundant in Plant Cells and Are Not Localized in the Chloroplast

Spot No.Molecular
 Mass (kD)pIIdentityaAccession No.bMALDI
 at 50 ppmcMS/MS
6616.14.7GCSH protein121075 (At2g35370)17FFMISYLDDEILIVR (2)Mitochondria
9740.16.7Formate dehydrogenase6625953 (At5g14780)31Mitochondria
9859.44.7Similar to PDI5263328 (At1g21750)42TNVEVDQIESWVK (3)Endoplasmic reticulum
9436.75.8Annexin4959106 (At1g35720)LLVSLVTSYR (2)Cytosol
9335.66.5Annexin4959108 (At5g65020)LLLPLVSTFR (2)Cytosol
7622.06.8GST3201613 (At2g30860)47Cytosol
7418.44.7TCTP homolog11994618 (At3g16640)VVDIVDTFR (1)Cytosol/nucleus
  • a Identity given in NCBI completed by domain prediction found by Pfam, Blocks, Prints, Prodom, or Phi-Blast.

  • b Accession numbers in NCBI and in MIPS (in parentheses).

  • c Percentage of coverage at 50 ppm for the MALDI-TOF peptides.

  • d Sequence tags identified by ESI/MS/MS and the number of sequences identified (in parentheses).

  • The cellular location for each protein is listed. Proteins were identified by MALDI-TOF MS and/or nano-ESI/MS/MS.