Table 6.

Seventy-One Predicted Lumenal Proteins with a TAT Motif, According to the Scheme Shown in Figure 10A, Using a Permissive Cleavage Site of the lTPa

NameLength (eTP lTP)Position of RR from N TerminuslTP Cleavage Site Motif (s/p)Functional Annotation (According to MIPS)Additional Functional Annotation (This Article)
 and Match to 2-D Gels
At1g036006841aUnknown proteinSpot 207, putative new photosystem
   II protein
At1g054208655aHypothetical protein
At1g064307348rCell division protease FtsH, putative
At1g066807755r23-kD polypeptide of OEC
At1g141506543rUnknown proteinHomology with OEC16
At1g155106436pHypothetical proteinPentatricopeptide repeat and prokaryotic  membrane lipoprotein attachment
At1g172106436aHypothetical protein
At1g181709474pHypothetical proteinPutative FKBP isomerase
At1g215005941rUnknown protein
At1g263606234pHypothetical proteinEpoxide hydrolase signature
At1g352109062pHypothetical protein
At1g496309061pHydrogenase protein, putative
At1g555806042sHypothetical protein
At1g703508154rHypothetical protein
At1g712009372pHypothetical proteinRelated to myc protein
At1g735307346pHypothetical protein
At1g740707445aHypothetical proteinPutative cyclophilin
At1g764508057rUnknown proteinSpot 70
At1g770906347sUnknownSpot 108, OEC23 related
At2g014008563Hypothetical proteinRelated to Lon protease Brevibacillus 402504
At2g155706845aPutative thioredoxin m
At2g202706239aPutative glutaredoxin
At2g236707149aHypothetical protein
At2g263408059rUnknown protein
At2g307907656aPutative photosystem II OEC23 proteinSee Results and Discussion
At2g348609364rUnknown proteinRelated to chaperone HSP40/DnaJ
At2g372406845sUnknown proteinRelated to protein 13834657 Mus
At2g376608662pUnknown proteinRelated to 3β HSD isomerase
At2g390807240pUnknown protein
At2g394707351sUnknown proteinSpot 212, OEC23 related
At2g404009367rUnknown proteinRelated to protein 7572912
At2g473909851sUnknown protein
At3g014407450aHypothetical proteinRelated to OEC16
At3g037607759pUnknown proteinRelated to 13569546
At3g050206642aAcyl carrier protein 1 precursor
At3g100608260rUnknown proteinSpot 210, putative isomerase
At3g101308349sUnknown proteinRelated to 13877685 and 13424114
   from Caulobacter
At3g116306951aPutative 2-Cys peroxiredoxinSpot 74 (Table 2)
At3g160009573rMyosin heavy chain–like protein
At3g529607152aPeroxiredoxin-like proteinSpot 68 (Table 2)
At3g553307450aPutative proteinSpot 213, OEC23 related
At3g561409065aPutative proteinRelated to 4586056
At3g576809974rC-terminal protease-like protein
At4g051808260aOxygen-evolving enhancer protein 3
   precursor-like protein (OEC16)Spot 208
At4g090108253rPutative proteinSpot 205 to 206, putative ascorbate
At4g151209558pHypothetical proteinRelated to 11994735
At4g1551010479rHypothetical proteinSpot 19, OEC23 related
At4g198307852rPutative proteinPutative FKBP isomerase
At4g212807553aPhotosystem II OEC protein 3-like (OEC16)Spot 203
At4g251307144rProtein-methionine-S-oxide reductase
At4g265007548pPutative proteinprotein Duf and BolA family
At4g295908554rPutative proteinRelated to methyltransferases
At4g313906130aPredicted proteinRelated to ABC transporter
At4g315607545sPutative protein
At4g320207142aPutative proteinRelated to 13272401
At4g340208052pPutative proteinThiJ family
At4g341207242aPutative proteinCBS domain (protein interaction)
At4g365306341aPutative proteinEpoxide hydrolase signature
At5g049006336aPutative protein
At5g114509570sPutative proteinSpot 22, pea map OEC23 related
At5g115506042pPutative protein
At5g134108661sPutative proteinSpot 80, putative FKBP isomerase
At5g177106743pChloroplast GrpE proteinSpot 89
At5g231207855rPhotosystem II stability/assembly factor Hcf136Spot 123
At5g278607152pPutative protein
At5g398309267pDegP protease-like proteinDegP8
At5g456807958rPutative proteinPutative FKBP isomerase
At5g501106640pPutative protein
At5g555706837sUnknown protein
At5g628406337rPutative protein
At5g640408663sPhotosystem I reaction center subunit psaN
   precursor (PSI-N) (sp P49107)Spot 201
  • aFrom the 93 proteins originally predicted, 22 (24%) were removed manually because they were likely to be false positives. Matches to experimentally identified protein spots are noted.