Table 1.

Segregation of abs and cu3 Visual Phenotypes

PopulationObserved PhenotypesNumberχ2a
+/cu3 × abs/absTall
 Short abs-like
 Short cu3-like8
Tall selfedbTall290.59
Short abs-like7
Short cu3-like0
Tall selfedbTall100.03
Short abs-like3
Short cu3-like0
Short selfedcTall02.57
Short abs-like36
Short cu3-like6
Short selfedcTall00.44
Short abs-like9
Short cu3-like3
+/abs × abs/absTall50
Short abs-like5
+/abs selfedTall240.35
Short abs-like10
  • a The ratio tested assumes that mutations are allelic.

  • b Tall individual from cross +/cu3 × abs/abs.

  • c Short individual from cross +/cu3 × abs/abs.