Table 2.

Genotypes of Segregating Individuals

ABS/CU3 Genotypes Identified by PCR
 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
PopulationaObserved PhenotypeABSCU3Numberχ2b
+/cu3 × abs/absTall+/abs+/+81.64
Short abs-like+/abs+/cu314
Tall selfedcTall+/++/+161.65
Short abs-likeabs/abs+/+10
Short selfeddShort abs-likeabs/abs+/+141.26
Short cu3-like+/+cu3/cu310
+/abs × abs/absTall+/absnse50
Short abs-likeabs/absns5
+/abs selfedTall+/+ns80.35
Short abs-likeabs/absns10
  • a Tall selfed and short selfed populations consist of combined populations from Table 1.

  • b χ2 analysis based on allelic mutations.

  • c Tall individual from cross +/cu3 × abs/abs.

  • d Short individual from cross +/cu3 × abs/abs.

  • e ns, not segregating in this population and not tested.