Table 2.

Auxin-Repressed Genes

Auxin Induction (fold)c
CategoryCoded Protein/Other FeaturesaGenBank NumberAffymetrix NumberNumber of AuxREsbSHY2shy2-2shy2-24
Transcription related
Zinc finger proteinAAA87299170714−3.91−2.9
RING-H2 finger protein RHA4a AAC6985220040NDd −41.7−3.5
ATK1 CAA57121129282−3.41.5−2.9
Putative transcription factorAAD5309717610ND−2.7−1.2∼−2.9
Putative transcription factorAAC8359818790ND−3.3−2∼−3.0
Putative WRKY DNA-binding proteinAAD1744114679ND∼−3.9∼−5.1∼7.1
R2R3-MYB transcription factorCAB0919018747ND∼−2.8∼−2.3∼−2.6
Signal transduction
Putative histidine kinaseAAD0357613362ND−2.6−1.7−2.5
Receptor protein kinase–like proteinAAC1403316356ND−4.3−4.2∼−4.2
Nodulin-26–like protein CAA16760198474−10.7−2.4−9.9
Similar to Arabidopsis Fe(II) transport proteinAAB7144719718ND∼−3.6∼−3.7−3
Metabolic enzymes
Putative cytochrome P450 proteinAAD10659143662−5.8−3.4−6.5
Peroxidase CAA66963169714−18.0−1.7−13.5
Putative peroxidase AAC79614181503−3.1−1.1−2.9
Putative endochitinase AAB64046125424−4.1−1.1−3.0
UDP-glucose 4-epimerase–like protein CAB45812177484−4.11.6−3.5
CER1-like protein AAC23640192373−3.1−1.5−3.6
Putative cytochrome P450AAD2236419549ND−3.8−3.6−2.2
Putative pectinesteraseAAC1709712352ND−3.6−1.8−3
HSR201–like protein CAB10318160457−4.1−1.5−5.5
Putative RNA binding protein AAC2364818817423.5−1.62.9
pEARLI 1–like proteinCAB4172218983ND−4.3−3.3−4.5
Similar to NPH-3 (nonphototropic hypocotyl-3)CAA1653816213ND∼−3.8∼−3.5−1.6
Putative protein CAA22575165105−4.71−3.7
Chromosome I bacterial artificial chromosome  F3F20 genomic sequenceAAD3061816832ND−2.7−2.8−2
  • a Boldface indicates that shy2-2 causes less auxin repression compared with the wild type. Roman indicates that the auxin repression is not affected by shy2-2.

  • b Number of TGTC_C and G_GACA sequences in the 2-kb fragments upstream of the start codon.

  • c Fold difference of expression levels after auxin treatment relative to without auxin treatment. ∼ indicates that one of the expression levels for comparison is below the detection limit; therefore, the auxin repression fold is approximate.

  • d ND, not determined.