Table 1.

Transcription Factors Induced during the Senescence Process

Probe SetaSOMb
 ClusterAccession Numbers and DescriptioncInduced by Other
 Stress Treatments
12737_f_at8emb|CAA74603.1| (Y14207)d R2R3-MYB transcription factorBacteria, viruses, cold
12908_s_at8dbj|BAA32422.1| (AB008107) ethylene-responsive element binding factor 5Bacteria, oomycetes, fungi
13015_s_at8emb|CAA67232.1| (X98674) zinc finger proteinBacteria, oomycetes, fungi, viruses
13115_at8gb|AAB60774.1| (AC000375) identical to At.WRKY6Bacteria, oomycetes, fungi, viruses
14751_at8gb|AAC72869.1| (AF104919) contains similarity to wild oat DNA binding  protein ABF2 (GB:Z48431)Bacteria, viruses
15638_s_at8gb|AAC83582.1| (AF062860) putative transcription factor (similar to MYB4)
16198_at8gb|AAD24362.1|AC007184_2 (AC007184) putative C2H2-type zinc
   finger proteinBacteria, viruses
16638_s_at8gb|AAD37511.1|AF139098_1 (AF139098) putative zinc finger proteinBacteria, oomycetes, fungi, viruses
17426_at8gb|AAC49770.1| (AF003097) AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.4Bacteria
18121_s_at8gb|AAB63819.1| (AC002337) MYB transcription factor (AtMyb2)Bacteria, viruses, high salt, cold, osmoticum
19696_at8emb|CAB45059.1| (AL078637) Arabidopsis WRKY7
12736_f_at12emb|CAA90748.1| (Z50869) MYB-related proteinFungi, cold
13722_at12Contains multiple zinc finger domains: PF00096: zinc finger, C2H2 typeViruses
14079_at12emb|CAB39939.1| (AL049500) similar to RING zinc finger protein,
   human AF037204
14852_s_at12gb|AAC05340.1| (AC002521) putative MYB family transcription factor
15445_at12emb|CAB41316.1| (AL049711) similar to transcription factor
   PERIANTHIA from Arabidopsis
17514_s_at12gb|AAD03545.1| (AF076278) ethylene response factor 1Bacteria, fungi, viruses
18738_f_at12emb|CAB09173.1| (Z95741) R2R3-MYB transcription factorBacteria, oomycetes, fungi
18746_f_at12emb|CAB09189.1| (Z95757) R2R3-MYB transcription factor
12522_at13emb|CAA18764.1| (AL022605) similar to AP2 domain transcription factorBacteria
13293_s_at13gb|AAB80649.1| (AC002332) auxin-regulated protein (IAA13)
14043_at13gb|AAD39282.1|AC007576_5 (AC007576) Arabidopsis WRKY4Viruses, cold, high salt, jasmonic acid
14243_s_at13emb|CAA49525.1| (X69900) ocs element binding factor 5Bacteria
14802_at13gb|AAD20087.1| (AC006532) putative C2H2-type zinc finger protein
15214_s_at13gb|AAB06611.1| (U51850) G-box factor 3Bacteria, viruses, cold, high salt, osmoticum
16909_at13emb|CAA49524.1| (X69899) ocs element binding factor 4
17424_at13gb|AAC49768.1| (AF003095) AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.2
17490_s_at 13gb|AAF01532.1|AC009325_2 (AC009325) homeobox-leucine zipper
   protein HAT5Viruses
17833_at13gb|AAD22653.1|AC007138_17 (AC007138) putative CHP-rich zinc
   finger protein
18386_at13gb|AAB86455.1| (AC002409) putative TGACG sequence–specific bZIP
   DNA binding protein
18745_f_at13emb|CAB09188.1| (Z95756) R2R3-MYB transcription factorBacteria, cold
18751_f_at13gb|AAA33067.1| (L04497) putative MYB A from cottonBacteria, fungi, viruses
18939_at13emb|CAA71854.1| (Y10922) similar to Athb-14 HD-Zip proteinViruses, cold, high salt, osmoticum
20456_at13gb|AAB87098.1| (AC002391) putative AP2 domain transcription factor
20586_i_at13gb|AAC73042.1| (AC005824) putative zinc finger proteinBacteria
12709_f_at16emb|CAB09204.1| (Z95772) R2R3-MYB transcription factor
13432_at16gb|AAD23013.1|AC006585_8 (AC006585) putative WRKY-type DNA
   binding proteinViruses, oomycetes, wounding
16073_f_at16gb|AAC83630.1| (AF062908) putative Myb DNA binding transcription factorBacteria, viruses, cold, high salt, osmoticum
16483_at16emb|CAA48189.1| (X68053) Arabidopsis TGA1Bacteria, fungi
17791_s_at16emb|CAA18200.1| (AL022198) similar to parsley WRKY1
19611_s_at16gb|AAC83596.1| (AF062874) Myb-related protein Y49Bacteria, cold
19646_s_at16gb|AAC69925.1| (AC005819) homeodomain transcription factor (Athb-7)Bacteria, cold, high salt, osmoticum
20471_at16gb|AAC49767.1| (AF003094) AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.1Bacteria, viruses, wounding, cold
  • a Genes in boldface are induced by senescence and various stress treatments as indicated at right.

  • b SOM, self-organizing map.

  • c emb, EMBL; dbj, DDBJ; gb, GenBank.

  • d Numbers in parentheses are the actual GenBank numbers.