Table 3.

Genes Whose Expression Could Not Be Detected in This Study

Probe SetAccession Numbers and Modified Descriptiona
12445_atgb|AAC83076.1| (AC002328)b similar to transcription factor NtWRKY4
12462_atgb|AAC83632.1| (AF062910) Myb-like transcription factor
12663_atgb|AAD32295.1|AC006533_19 (AC006533) putative ARI-like RING zinc finger protein
12715_f_atgb|AAC83612.1| (AF062890) Myb-like transcription factor
12717_i_atemb|CAB09211.1| (Z95779) R2R3-MYB transcription factor
12729_r_atgb|AAF20989.1|AF207991_1 (AF207991) MYB-like transcription factor
12731_f_atgb|AAF18615.1|AC005623_2 (AC005623) putative MYB family transcription factor
15019_atgb|AAC62776.1| (AF096370) contains similarity to Arabidopsis AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.8 (GB:AF003101)
15313_atemb|CAA17135.1|(AL021889) zinc finger protein, Arabidopsis PATCHX:G2340088
16291_atgb|AAD17351.1| (AF128395) contains similarity to retrovirus-related polyproteins and to CCHC zinc finger protein (Pfam: PF00098)
16694_s_atgb|AAC23643.1| (AC004684) putative zinc finger protein
17602_i_atgb|AAD53091.1|AF175986_1 (AF175986) Myb-related putative transcription factor
18545_s_atgb|AAD22638.1|AC007138_2 (AC007138) putative CHP-rich zinc finger protein
18737_f_atemb|CAB09170.1| (Z95738) R2R3-MYB transcription factor
18741_f_atemb|CAB09179.1| (Z95747) R2R3-MYB transcription factor
19269_atgb|AAC28238.1| (AF076274) contains similarity to CCHC-type zinc finger proteins (Pfam: zf-CCHC.hmm)
19485_atgb|AAD10654.1| (AC005223) similar to putative CHP-rich zinc finger protein GB:CAB77744
19585_atgb|AAD31052.1|AC007357_1 (AC007357) similar to EREBP-3 from tobacco
  • a gb, GenBank; emb, EMBL.

  • b Numbers in parentheses are the actual GenBank numbers.