Table 1.

HR in rar1 Mutant Plants

No. of Leaves Exhibiting Visible HRa
Bacterial GenotypebCol-0rar1-20
avrB::Ωc1 of 532 of 45
avrRpt255 of 6124 of 55
avrRpm159 of 5912 of 60
avrPphB65 of 6817 of 60
  • a Number of leaves showing visible tissue collapse out of the total number of leaves injected at 18 to 24 hr after injection.

  • b Pst strains expressing the indicated avirulence genes were injected at an OD600 of 0.075 (∼3.75 × 107 colony-forming units/mL).

  • c This strain expresses a nonfunctional avr gene and is unable to induce a visible HR in Col-0 plants.